A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Salt Lake City

I complain a lot about certain companies – here’s a story with a happy ending. On my way to Utah for my nephew’s wedding, I had forgotten my earphones and, for the first time, I bought something from one of those vending machines at the Houston Hobby Airport’s Southwest Airlines terminal – a pair of […]

The War On Reality

I started writing this when Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a self-induced drug overdose early in 2014 – I couldn’t get past the first few sentences and set it aside.  A tragic event that made me angry but it wasn’t because I was overwrought by emotion, the words just did not flow.  A few months […]

A Three Hour Tour

11 October 2015 Richard Solomons InterContinental Hotels Group Dear Mr. Solomons, Have you ever been to your Holiday Inn in Schaumburg, Illinois?  I have and I think you might want to have a look. I’m pretty sure this hotel started out as one of those two story travel lodges next to a major highway, probably […]